News from us - 20.10.2017

Lovely Radikalecker supporters,

you may have asked yourselves already, if we have any news for you from our project?

First of all, we want to thank you again for your support and we are happy to see you in the café when it will be open!

Right now we are searching for the right space for the future café. We already visited some shops, but it will probably take a while until we find something that really fits our needs.

When we find something (and we hope this moment will arrive soon) we will let you know, instantly! :-)

Besides the search for our own rooms, we work on sending out the last thankyous. It took us quite a while, but now we are almost finished!

Furthermore we welcomes some new collective members, a fact that allows us to cook even more often for you and collect more money for the opening of the café.

From now on, we will be making a brunch every second and fourth Sunday of the month and additionally a KüfA (kitchen for all) every third Wednesday, like we used to.

You can find more information about all upcoming cooking events on our website or on our facebook page:

And, of course, in our newsletter that comes once a month.

If you are in Berlin, you are welcome to come by and try already some dishes of the future café menu. :-)

We will keep you updated,

the Radikalecker collective

Halloween KüfA & Brunch - 17.10.2017

Autumn is here and Halloween is only a few days away – this is why we will serve you a Halloween-themed KüfA on Wednesday the 18.10. We will start at 19:30 as always in B-Lage in Neukölln and sell the food on a donation basis.

On Sunday the 22.10., our next brunch will take place! We start at 11:00 and the buffet will be open until 15:00.  As always we will serve a big variety of salads, spreads, main dishes, cakes and other sweets.

Cooking events in August - 10.08.2017

This month we will start again with our brunch in B-Lage and we will cook our monthly KüfA there as well.

  • 13.08. sunday brunch @ B-Lage, 11 a.m. – 17 p.m.
  • 16.08. Küfa @ B- Lage, 19:30 p.m.
  • 27.08. sunday brunch @ B-Lage, 11 a.m. – 17 p.m.

Sunday-Brunch in B-Lage starts on the 30st of April - 27.04.2017

Lovely people,

from this Sunday on, the 30th of April, we will serve a brunch every Sunday until the end of our crowdfunding campaign in B-Lage.

Starting at 11 a.m., the brunch will last until 5 p.m. The bar of B-Lage will be opened as well and will continue to serve you drinks even after our brunch is finished. :-) As always we ask you for donations, our suggested donation range lies between 6 and 12 €.

You will find the B-Lage Bar in Mareschstr. 1 in 12055 Berlin.

Here are all the coming brunch dates – always open from 11 a.m. until 5 p.m. :

30.04. / 07.05. / 14.05. / 21.05. / 28.05.

We are happy to see you there!

Radikalecker’s Crowd Funding Launch Dinner - 15.04.2017

The moment has finally arrived!
Radikalecker is proud to announce that, after much hard work and preparation, we will be launching our Crowdfunding Campaign on wednesday, April 19. To kick things off we are preparing a fabulous dinner at B-Lage and we invite you and your loved ones to come and enjoy. Just like regular KüfA, service starts at 19:30 at B-Lage, on a first come- first served basis, so make sure to arrive early and arrive hungry! We will be offering a special meal of savoury Pfannkuchen with Champignons, tomato, creamy Béchemel, sweet potatoes and salad. For dessert we will have decadent and classic Banana chocolate hazelnut Crêpes. As always we ask for Folks to pay-as-they can, but this time we are asking for additional donations towards our Crowdfunding campaign, which goes directly into helping us open up our own permanent space here in Berlin! As well, we will have a few other special treats for purchase by donation, so be sure to come by!The crowdfunding campaign is starting in April 19th and it will last until May 30th.
See you soon! :)

Next cooking action - 08.03.2017

With the collective we cook every 3. wednesday of the month at B-Lage (Mareschstr. 1, 12055 Berlin) for a donation you can decide by yourself.

This month we cook at our KüfA (Küche für Alle): corn fritters with sautéed veggies and panna cotta with raspberries as a dessert.

Come and bring your friends! :-)

Tofu Cheese DIY - 13.02.2017

vegan & d.i.y. mediterranean-style tofu cheese

How does tofu cheese cream sound to you? To us it sounds like pure deliciousness!
To find out how delicious it really is, take the following ingredients, blend everything together and enjoy!

You will need:
500 g natural Tofu
125 g green olives (pitted)
4-5 pickled green peppers (mild)
1 small clove of garlic or 1/4 teaspoon garlic powder
salt or soy sauce (to taste)
pinch of pepper
pinch of dry oregano & basil
juice of half a lemon
1/4 cup olive oil

Guten Appetit!

Zine submissions wanted! - 10.02.2017

Are you vegan? A foodie? An artist, writer or just a generally creative, DIY kind of person? Then we are looking for you to get involved in the production of Radikalecker’s first ever Zine!! The topic of the first issue is the intersections between food and mental health issues. This could include anything from: eating disorders, challenges of Veganism, maintaining a ‘healthy’ diet while struggling with depression, food or cooking for medicinal or therapeutic purposes, or so on and so forth. It is up to you and we look forward to seeing the many diverse directions this topic can (and should) be taken. Submissions could include but are not limited to: poetry, collage, comics, personal stories, recipes, and tutorials. Please send all submissions (preferably in A4 format) to by the end of next month. We plan to launch the first edition in the spring.
Stay tuned for more info!

Die Quecke - 30.01.2017

We came back yesterday from the fantastic Quecke. It’s an independently run space -mostly by people from queer & feminist circles- with all the conditions for workshops, seminars, content related work or just for recreation. The house is wheelchair accessible and it has anything that you might need. Also the area is super beautiful and calm. We totally encourage you to visit the place.

We came back yesterday from the fantastic Quecke. It's an independently run space -mostly by people from queer & feminist circles- with all the conditions for workshops, seminars, content related work or just for recreation. The house is wheelchair accessible and it has anything that you might need. Also the area is super beautiful and calm. We totally encourage you to visit the place. ;)

Posted by Radikalecker on Montag, 30. Januar 2017

Newsletter 01/2017 - 17.01.2017

Hallo liebe Leute,

dies ist unser erster Newsletter im Jahr 2017, aber ab jetzt wollen wir euch zu jedem Monatsbeginn alle neuen Informationen zusenden.

Heute haben wir für euch:

1. Neuigkeiten aus dem Kollektiv
2. Anstehende Veranstaltungen
3. Artikel des Monats
4. Video des Monats


1. Neuigkeiten aus dem Kollektiv

Wir sind ganz schön beschäftigt! Mit dem Beginn des neuen Jahres werden wir ab jetzt jeden dritten Mittwoch in der B-Lage in Neukölln kochen. Die nächste Kochaktion ist schon morgen – wir hoffen euch dort zu sehen. (:

Außerdem wollten wir euch mitteilen, dass wir sehr produktiv waren was unser Crowdfundingvideo betrifft. Der erste Entwurf ist fertig, sodass ihr uns schon bald dabei zusehen könnt wie wir über unser Projekt sprechen und nette Dinge kochen.

2. Anstehende Veranstaltungen

Wie bereits erwähnt: wir werde nmorgen, am 18.01. in der B-Lage in der Mareschstr. 1, 12055 Neukölln kochen. Esse ngibt es ab 19:30 Uhr und wir werden folgendes für euch kochen: Kirchererbsentopf mit getrockneten Pflaumen und Couscous und als Dessert Basbousa, ein Grießkuchen. Lecker!

3. Artikel des Monats

Wir empfehlen euch dringend eure freie Lesezeit mit diesem Artikel zu verbringen:

Exploring Alliances between Animal Liberation & Labour Movements >

4. Video des Monats
Wir <3 Angela.

_  _ _ _ _ _ _ _  _ _

Hello lovely fellows,

this is our first newsletter in 2017 but from now on we will provide you with new informations in the beginning of every month.

For today we have for you:

1. News from the collective
2. Next events
3. Article of the month
4. Video of the month


1. News from the collective

Things are getting busy here! With the beginning of 2017 we will cook every third Wednesday at B-Lage in Neukölln. The next event will already be tomorrow – we hope to see you there. (:

In other news we want to inform you, that we have been very productive in creating our crowd-founding video. The first draft is ready and soon you can watch us talking about our project and cooking nice things.

2. Next events

As already mentioned: we will cook tomorrow, the 18.01. at B-Lage, in Mareschstr. 1, 12055 Neukölln. We start serving at 19:30 the following things: chickpea stew with dried plums and couscous and as dessert basbousa, a semolina cake. yummy!

3. Article of the month

We highly recommend to spend your free reading time on this one:

Exploring Alliances between Animal Liberation & Labour Movements >

4. Video of the month

We <3 Angela.