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Written by Kollektiv

Lovely Radikalecker supporters,

you may have asked yourselves already, if we have any news for you from our project?

First of all, we want to thank you again for your support and we are happy to see you in the café when it will be open!

Right now we are searching for the right space for the future café. We already visited some shops, but it will probably take a while until we find something that really fits our needs.

When we find something (and we hope this moment will arrive soon) we will let you know, instantly! :-)

Besides the search for our own rooms, we work on sending out the last thankyous. It took us quite a while, but now we are almost finished!

Furthermore we welcomes some new collective members, a fact that allows us to cook even more often for you and collect more money for the opening of the café.

From now on, we will be making a brunch every second and fourth Sunday of the month and additionally a KüfA (kitchen for all) every third Wednesday, like we used to.

You can find more information about all upcoming cooking events on our website or on our facebook page:

And, of course, in our newsletter that comes once a month.

If you are in Berlin, you are welcome to come by and try already some dishes of the future café menu. :-)

We will keep you updated,

the Radikalecker collective

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