The Café

Our café aims to be a meeting point for those supporting: political activism, social change, gender equality, animal freedom, environmental protection, civil rights, and other social justice movements. The café also addresses people who are open to a dialogue in order to learn and share information on alternative lifestyles, people who are interested in intersectional activism between movements and support the connection of the different emancipatory tendencies for the total liberation of humans, other animals and the earth.

Another goal of the café is to offer great tasting, healthy and creative vegan food, and in this way to promote veganism as a sustainable, compassionate and delicious diet. Through the café management we aim to support organic, vegan, preferably local agriculture and fair-trade production as well as the solidarity economy movement. We dream of becoming “another brick in the wall”: an important knot in a network of collectives, projects, movements and individuals contributing to the development of long-lasting and threatening alternatives to capitalism.