Radikalecker is looking for a home!

Written by Kollektiv

Yes, the time has come for our beloved collective to find its own nest in the big city and finally open up as a vegan political cafe in Berlin!

Like described by the collective members in this video, Radikalecker is the idea of a community, where food and politics connect, where we can be ourselves, share and learn from each other. This community is now looking for a home, so that it can plant its roots and grow.

If you feel that you are or that you want to be part of this community, and you would like to see a vegan space in Berlin that is political and inclusive, feel free to join us in our search! We could use any help can get! Do you have good advice about how to find a home for Radikalecker? Have you seen some interesting advertisement? Is the shop-space at your building free at the moment? Do you maybe have some insider information? You know someone who knows someone who knows something?? Then let us know!

What we are looking for: already empty shops, shops for rent, unused ground-flour spaces of buildings, front-house spaces of house projects, or any other space suitable for a cafe/restaurant. Ideal size would be around 60-80 sq.m.

Where: we would prefer to stay in Neukölln, as it is the area where Radikalecker has been mostly active, but we are open to other areas of Berlin too.

When: the sooner the better.

We are grateful for any little bit of help, so all tips are welcome! Thank you in advance for being part of the world we are dreaming of!

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