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Written by Kollektiv

Dear Radikalecker friends, followers, supporters…!
We hope you are all doing fine and that you had a great start in the new year.
We know that many of you have been wondering what happened to Radikalecker and what we have been up to. After a long time of silence, the collective is here again, regathering its forces and still willing to make our café-dream come true. We apologise for this long silence and appreciate your interest! It is indeed what gives the collective its motivation and strength to keep going, in spite of the difficulties.
Working as a political collective has been challenging. The search for a suitable space to open up the café has been as difficult as finding a nice and affordable flat to live in Berlin.. We are sure that you are familiar with the tough rent situation in our otherwise lovely city. Hard competition, high rents, few available spots, trying to fulfill real-estate standards and the speedy rhythm of the market, have discouraged the collective members and exhausted our energy.
At the same time, working on a voluntary basis for this project has been difficult for collective members, as we also have ‘regular’ jobs, families and personal lives that we need to take care of.
Our successful crowdfunding campaign that collected almost 15.000 euros, was surely amazing. Unfortunately, the amount we managed to raise is at the same time not enough to cover all costs for the opening of a fully equipped café. As a consequence of that, further financing efforts are needed. We feel it is important to say here, that we are still working for this project voluntarily (i.e. without payment), therefore all the money we raised with the campaign remains intact.
The dream of a political counter-cultural vegan space remains dear to our hearts. We are thankful that you are still in contact with us, that you ask for our food and most of all that you care about this important project <3
We are not giving up! We are starting again, with new energy now and will keep you updated on our next steps.
Much love,

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