Hello again in 2020 – Newsletter

Written by Kollektiv

Dear Radikalecker followers,  

we hope you are all doing fine, surviving this pandemic healthy and fit.

Here are some news from our collective.  

1. Looking for a shop

We are at the moment focusing our efforts on finding a suitable space for our cafe. We are searching in our neighborhoods, Neukolln, Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg, as this is the space where we physically live most of the time and we want to claim them as ours, despite the pressure to move outside of our kiez. Berlin is overwhelmed by gentrification and we are trying and hoping we can resist it, although we have encountered prices as high as 7000euros per month for a spacious shop.. If you are aware of a nice spot that is free and seems fitting for a vegan political community, feel free to drop us a line. We are searching for a gastronomy-suitable space that would have the capacity to host small events, like the workshops and discussions we plan to organise. In the ideal case, the space would be part of a house-project, for example the ground floor/shop space of the house.

2. What have we been up to lately?  

Because of Covid some of our planned events sadly couldn’t happen. If things would have been “normal”, we would have our yearly cake table at Linke Buchtage (https://linkebuchtage.de/ ) at Mehringhof and we also had plans to participate at the yearly vegan bake sale (https://www.veganbakesale.org/). We are looking forward to do all this nice things next year again.   But for sure we are missing to serve food to people and connect with others. That is why we are looking for small events we could attend, in a covid-safe environment. We already have some plans in the making – but if you know some small events that could use some vegan deliciousness or if you are organizing them – please feel free to contact us.   As you could read in chapter 1 of this newsletter, we are also still searching for a home for us. For some time the Covid-situation slowed down our search quite a bit, as it was also very uncertain when gastronomy businesses would be allowed to be open again at all. But as things get slightly more back to normal, we are keeping our eyes open.   In other news we decided that we could need some extra power in the collective and are searching for a new member now! If you are interested or know someone who might be – please read our call in the next chapter of this newsletter and get in touch.   We still have energy to get things on in 2020!

3. Radikalecker is searching for a new member!  

Our aim is to open up a vegan, selforganized and political café as soon as possible. At the moment we are not enough people to reach this goal – that‘s why we want to grow and search for a new member!   Our main task right now is to look for rooms to open up the café. Besides that  we are hoping to be part again of events with our food. This is how we mainly collect money for the café. Until today we all work voluntarily in this project – but this will change with opening up our own space.   The work in the collective contains:

  • search for rooms online&offline
  • attend the plenum
  • support with bureaucratic topics
  • planning the future café
  • helping the collective grow
  • self administration tasks
  • networking with other groups/collectives
  • later: work in the café!

  The following things are important for us: 

  • a vegan way of living is a basic requirement, furthermore you should be positive towards political veganism and the idea of animal liberation
  • you have enough time and capacity in your life to actively contribute to the collective work, you are willing to do tasks autonomously
  • you are responsible and able to work self-dependent
  • good german skills are necessary, as we are looking for support with different bureaucratic tasks
  • experience with work in collectives is nice, but not mandatory         
  • interest for structures of solidarity economy

If you are interested, please send us a small text about why you would like to join the collective.

4. Donate your books to Radikalecker

We have been collecting books for our Radikalecker library; a book corner we want to create in the cafe, where people can read (or borrow) books that they find interest in. If you would like to give away books you no longer read, to the collective, we are accepting donations! Topics of interest are veganism, animal rights, vegan cooking, environmental activism, social justice, feminism, solidarity economy and self-management among others.  Thank you so much!      

Don’t forget to connect with us on social media and keep in touch:)

Much love,


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