A statement concerning the accusations against our collective and one of our members

Written by Kollektiv

On October 19, 2017 a community member approached a member of the collective with allegations of abusive behaviour against another current collective member. This individual sought and continues to seek the immediate expulsion of the Radikalecker member in question from the current collective. We, the members of the collective, feel that these accusations are indeed very serious and therefore intend to address them with respective seriousness.

It is important to recognize that this sensitive matter was first brought to the attention of the entire collective on November 7, 2017. Due to the request from the individual who has come forward, that the accused member is not given notice of the relevant information, the allegations were not immediately shared with the full body of the collective. Since then this issue has been the central focus of the collective, both during plenum and in other forms and networks of our internal communication. We have diligently protected the anonymity of the community member involved at their initial request and we have carefully and respectfully answered each email and message received on the topic.

In effort to resolve this matter in the best manner possible, the collective is seeking counselling from specialized groups and organizations that offer support in conflict management for self-organised political groups. We are now in close contact with one such support worker and we are collecting all the necessary information to make firm decisions about our next steps.

In addition to these actions the collective member directly involved in the situation has temporarily stepped back from some collective processes such as participation in plenum and has withdrawn their decision-making powers. The aim of this voluntary suspension is to facilitate a neutral and impartial handling of these complex circumstances.
As a collective Radikalecker functions under a structure of consensus-based decision making that involves thorough discussion and consideration. We do not act hastily or impulsively. We act with awareness that responding to input and finding solutions can be a time-consuming process. As both a united collective and as individuals, Radikalecker is committed to creating and protecting safe and respectful spaces for people of all denominations regardless of ethnic background, sex, class, gender orientation, etc. We do not excuse or allow any form of abusive behaviour and are dedicated to the rightful resolution of this important continuous process.

We are open to constructive dialogue regarding this matter and will gladly answer further inquiry via private messages or email (vegan.cafe.kollektiv@riseup.net).



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